TAPCO Mil-Spec AR T6 Stock AssemblyZoom

TAPCO Mil-Spec AR T6 Stock Assembly

Item# STK09163
Are you looking to upgrade your AR stock to the next level? If so, look no further than our new Mil-Spec AR T6 Stock. The 6 position adjustable stock allows you to fit the rifle to your needs and has been built to meet all military specifications. Our extension tube is second to none and just like the stock body, meets all military requirements. What does this mean for you? First and foremost, you get the best possible fit between the stock body and the tube, cancelling any rattle that might occur with cheaper stocks. Secondly, the tube is crafted from the same aluminum that most AR receivers are made from, ensuring a much stronger part. Each tube also has its threads rolled on as opposed to having them “cut” into the metal like most other extension tubes today. Lastly, the inside of the tube has been coated with a Mil-Spec dry film lubricant that not only keeps the action quieter, but reduces metal-on-metal contact, extending the service life of your buffer. Throw in a grit blasted finish which enables our tube to have a non-reflective surface, and you have the best Mil-Spec extension tube on the market. Oh, and did we mention the tube is 100% made in the USA? We have pulled out all the stops to create and craft the best Mil-Spec AR stock on the market. You know it’s time to upgrade your AR and the only place to start is with the INTRAFUSE Mil-Spec T6 Stock.
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