TAPCO Vertical Grip, ShortZoom

TAPCO Vertical Grip, Short

Item# STK90202
A shortened version of our popular Standard Length Vertical Grip. The reduced length will not interfere when using large capacity mags in your AK.

You can have all the shiny gadgets you want on your rifle, but it isnít worth much if you canít control the rifle enough to hit the broad side of a barn. We want to put some of that control back in your hands, literally, with the INTRAFUSE Vertical Grip. The grip is designed to give you ultimate command over your rifle and enable you to acquire targets much faster. Weíve flattened out the sides for a solid attachment of tactical light tape switches and created a waterproof storage compartment within the grip. We dare you to mount the INTRAFUSE Vertical Grip on your favorite rifle and tell us that it doesnít give you more power over your rifle.
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